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The Labour leadership election

The Labour leadership election is moving into its final stage. The contest so far has been uninspiring and inward-looking; the prospects for the remaining 7 weeks of the process are sadly not very different.

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Challenges of Digital Currencies

The comparative silence from Calibra, the Facebook-led consortium which aims to introduce the digital currency Libra, since the initial announcement of their plans last summer, does not mean that the concept has gone away. Nor have the challenges that Libra poses for the world’s central banks.

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Putting Brexit in perspective

Although Brexit is very far from “done”, it is not wrong to see last Friday’s formal departure from the European Union as a significant moment in Britain’s history, and it affords an opportunity for some wider thoughts on the state of British politics and Britain’s position in the world.

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Johnson’s Brave New World

The Conservatives’ comprehensive victory in last week’s general election will have ramifications for many years to come.

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