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Searching for Normality

As countries around the world increasingly ease their various lockdowns, one awkward fact remains – the Covid-19 disease has neither vanished nor been vanquished. And this has the capacity to pose some difficult questions as societies step up their search for normality.

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Germany challenges the EU

The German Constitutional Court’s ruling, in its judgment of 5 May, that the ECB has acted beyond its authority is much more than a technical assessment of the ECB’s bond-buying programmes.  It is a legal and constitutional challenge to the principle of the supremacy of EU law over national law, and it is slowly dawning on people that the consequences for the EU are far from trivial.

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After the Crisis, a Reckoning

After every national trauma, there is the opportunity to do things better in future. It is a chance to redress the most grievous of society’s ills. What will follow the Corona Crisis? We think there will be a renewed attention on the value society places on different contributions to our communal welfare, a new assessment of the value of each person’s labour. And foremost in the firing line will be executive pay.

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Debt Dynamics

As governments across the world are taking on huge quantities of debt in an effort to support their economies, two questions are repeatedly being asked: is not all this borrowing going to be inflationary, and how will it be afforded and paid back?

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