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The Response to Populism

Our previous articles in this series have described how populist movements usually contain inherent contradictions, and how as a result they often self-destruct over time as they come into conflict with reality. But it would be wrong to assume that, given this, orthodox politicians only need hold their nerve and wait for populism to “blow over”.

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Populism in practice

In our previous two articles in this series we have considered what gives rise to populism and how it operates. In this article we look at how populism works in practice when it does attain power, and how current populist administrations are faring.

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The Causes of Populism

Last week we looked at what populism is, what typically leads to a populist surge and the consequences for democracy and the wider society when politics takes on a populist hue. In our second article in this series we narrow the discussion down to the present increase in populism and what has given rise to it.

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The Triumph of Populism

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of populism in the democratic world. This is the first in a series of four articles that will look at the phenomenon of populism, and what it implies for the democratic process.

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